Local moving

Looking for movers around the New Jersey area? Give the Easy Made Movers of Jersey

City a quick phone call and see what we can do for you! Countless moves around New

Jersey were handled by the Easy Made Movers of Jersey City thanks to our unwavering

quality at affordable prices. Moving day can be a lot less stressful than you think.

Long Distance

The Easy Made Movers of Jersey City will take care of all your long distance moving

needs. We’ll handle the hard parts and give you a great deal for your money. We’ll assign a

moving coordinator for you move who will take care of all the details of your move for you.

Everything will be done within schedule and with utmost efficiency.


Moving interstate present more challenges than local moves. The Easy Made Movers of

Jersey City will work to give you an efficient moving plan that will take care of all your

needs and give you the best value for your money. Firstly, we will assess your shipment and

talk about your specific needs to formulate a custom moving plan for you.


The Easy Made Movers of Jersey City has all types of moving plans that caters to the

needs of commercial moves. You will have a project manager who will take care of your

move to make sure everything stays in schedule. We’ll take care of all the challenging parts

and make sure all your needs are addressed. We work to give you only the best.


The Easy Made Movers of Jersey City provides its best work when it comes to residential

moves. Just ask any of the countless families we’ve helped settle into their new homes all

around NJ. Our moving services cover all the possible aspects of your move and sure that

all your belongings get to your new destination safely and on time.

Office Relocation

Easy Made Movers of Jersey City makes office relocation a lot easier with our cost

efficient and flexible moving plans made specifically for office relocations. Our professional

movers have extensive experience handling office equipment and supplies of all kinds. After

discussing your move with us, we will give you a custom moving plan ideal for you.

Art & Antique

If you need to move any art pieces or antiques, just give Easy Made Movers of Jersey

City a call. We’ll make sure your items get proper treatment and get them to you in one

piece. They will be secure and handled by professionals that understand the importance of

fragile art pieces and expensive collections.

Piano Moving

Easy Made Movers of Jersey City handles piano moving orders of all kinds. We have

the necessary moving supplies to make sure we handle all piano moves properly without

causing any damage to your home, your floors, and your piano. Your piano will also be safe

during transit as it will be secured properly within the truck to make sure it will not shift

during the move. We are more than equipped to handle difficult moves, your piano will be in

good hands.
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