Simple and Easy Moving Tips

Moving is a difficult and stressful time in our lives but we can do several things to make it easier

on ourselves. Listed within this article are several simple and easy moving tips that will lessen

the likelihood of things going wrong during moving day and make the whole process much

easier in general.

Colored stickers

Designate a color for each room of your house and use colored dot stickers on the door of each

one. Use these same colored stickers on the corresponding boxes that contain each room’s

contents so that when you arrive at your new home, you know where each box will go. Ahead

of time, in your new home, use the same color stickers and place them on the doors of each

room they belong to. This will be a big help for your Jersey City movers

Set priorities straight

Either get numbered stickers or white labeling stickers and place them on each box. Label

boxes as number ‘1’ if you need to unpack them immediately to help you settle in your new

home more quickly. Things that should be considered as a ‘1’ can include the following:

● Dishes and cookware

● Clothes

● Cleaning supplies

● Hygiene products

● Tools

● Linens and bedding

Label boxes as a ‘2’ if you need to use them within the next few weeks and likely up till the next

month but not necessarily right after moving. Things that people generally consider as a ‘2’


● Books

● Decorations

● DVDs

Boxes labelled with a ‘3’ are things that you’ll be needing some time in the year like seasonal

clothes and holiday decor and any boxes labelled as ‘4’ are things meant for storage. Once you

have labelled all your belongings accordingly, you will have saved yourself dozens of hours of

digging through boxes for things you need right away. Inform your Jersey City movers of this

system so they can adjust their loading to accommodate your needs.

Give yourself a lot of time

To minimize the stress of moving day, make sure you give yourself plenty for packing. Ideally,

you want all your things ready to go a few days ahead of time to give yourself time to take care

of any emergencies. The ideal time to begin is 2 months ahead of time. Start by packing things

that should go in boxes labelled ‘4’ and ‘3’ and set them aside.

Get rid of extra items

Packing for moving day is the ideal time to get rid of things you don’t need any more. You’ll

have the added benefit of cleaning up your house and having much less things to unpack when

you move into your new home. Things that you don’t need anymore but are in good condition

can be donated to charities or even sold via garage sale or online auctions. Everything else

should be recycled or thrown away.

Bring important things with you

Important documents like social security cards, birth certificates, and other valuable documents

should be with you at all times. So long as you keep these in a secure case and transport them

in your car rather than let your Jersey City movers handle them, you eliminate the chances of

losing them altogether.

Moving is difficult but following these tips should be able to make things go more smoothly for

you and help you transition to your new home.

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